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Donald Trump, president of America fought a long hard battle to obtain a verification of the election results that overturned his presidency over to Joe Biden.

Donald John Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States saw his run cut short when all allies and means of overturning the elections turned on him. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality and was recently announced the most admired man in the world.

Protest For A Fair Election At Capitol Hill

The president called for a protest against the alleged rigging of the 2021 election at a rally that saw him and many of his family members speak out.

The rally then turned into a march with reportedly over 500,000 people make their way to Capitol Hill where senators were objectifying the results of the electors.

However, like all tensed protests, it eventually morphed into a riot with Americans wanting a fair election storming inside the Capitol Hill building, breaking glass, pushing police, and forcing their way into barricaded doors.

capitol hill

Speaker of the House in USA, Nancy Pelosi, and other senators was evacuated from the building, and president-elect Joe Biden came out to speak against the violence.

Joe Biden whose son is currently undergoing criminal investigations for a discovered laptop with child pornography and incriminating details requested that Trump doesn’t just tweet for peace but he gets on national television to denounce the protest.

Trump responded quickly with a video denouncing the unruly behavior, however, it was taken down in less than an hour by social media giants due to his reiteration and mentioning of a rigged election in the video.

Kevin Hart Reacts To Police Reactions To The Capitol Hill Protest

Many African American’s, Africans based in America, was upset by the treatment of the reaction of the police in comparison to that of the police reaction to the destructive Black Lives Matter rioters. This caused some celebrities to react.

American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer Kevin Hart, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one such celebrity to voice out his disappointment in the contrast of the police reactions and took to Instagram to state the following.

He took to Instagram to rant “2 completely different America’s that we are living in. If these people were black they would have all been shot dead.

This shit is past the word sad….at this point it’s pure disrespect to all people of color. Why can’t we see this situation handled the same way that we have seen our people handled repeatedly….when the armed officers are supposed to use force they don’t….Shit is fucking SAD!!!!!”

Kevin Hart publishing this with an image of a disgruntled American voter that found his way into Nancy Pelosi’s office. As seen below.

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