VIDEO: “If You Are Missing Front Teeth It Doesn’t Make You Ugly” – Unhappy Mr Ugly’15 Contestants Speak


Don’t be upset if you are missing front teeth, at least those who are jealous of you in the fight to be uglier than you don’t think its an attribute of Ugliness.


The recent Mr Ugly 2015 beauty pageant came to pass in Zimbabwe and contestants were not happy with the judges selection, which saw Mr Maison Sere emerge as the winner. Disgruntled contestants were unhappy with the fact they believed he took the title simply because he was missing front teeth.

Unfortunately for the upset participant/s who didn’t win, Mr Maison Sere is too handsome for the competition amidst his missing teeth. “If You Are Missing Front Teeth It Doesn’t Make You Ugly, you need natural ugliness from birth” Said an unhappy contestant as seen in the video below. He was pretty ugly actually.

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