Imitation? Inspiration? Or Creativity? Are Some African Brands Copying The West?


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Imitation they say is the biggest form of flattery, why work so hard like a mad scientist trying to bring something new under the sun when in actual fact there is nothing really new under the sun.


Why the many quotes? Some may call it a spoof or simply imitation whiles others may think cheap job done. The latest trend we observed in some African fashion industry, at times is a take on a western popular brands, logo, and popular vision for their collection, redesigned with an African symbol, market etc. Or once in a while a popular outfit from your favourite collection remade using an African wax print material, then commercialization begins.

EXAMPLES OF THIS SPOOF IS AS FOLLOWS: Kayobi clothing’s visionary and revolutionary t-shirts which depicts Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandelas head with eyes covered seems as a direct replica imitation of PRAY FOR PARIS t-shirt of a pharaoh head with eyes covered, released earlier before the KAYOBI tee.

african fashion brands (1)

Also the Nigerian t-shirt House Kingdom tee whose last years release seems as a direct inspiration of Ricardo Tisci Givenchy star at-neck-Tshirt  and Versaces Medusa head t-shirt.

african fashion brands (3)

Clove clothing’s caps based in Ghana which features an all African print cap with an adinkra symbol is also seems as an inspiration of SUPREMES floral print cap.

african fashion brands (2)

In my opinion, I honestly think this is a good and smart move since most Africans are obsessed with western brands and are more likely to wear stuff which has that urban western effect, not withstanding the material it was made of really.

I will surely continue this Story in another post of how African brands are being inspired by western popular brands.



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