Is The Payout Percentage Different In Free Slots And Online Slots?

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Slots are the most played category of eu casino games online. Even though they’re meant for real money, developers also provide free versions for players to test and have fun.

The payout percentage of real money slots differs, depending on what the developers set. A few developers also program their games in such a way that casinos can set change their payout rate. Whatever the case is, the payout of a slot only matters when it is the real money version and not the free one.

How Slots RTP work

If you’ve been playing slots for some time, then you must have come across the term “RTP”. It stands for the return to player rate and is the term that describes how well a slot pays out. In simple terms, the RTP is the payout percentage.

The payout percentage or RTP is the amount that you can expect a slot to pay you back after a period. For example, if the payout percentage of a slot is 95%, you should expect the game to pay you 95% of your wagers over a period. Let’s assume you wagered £1000 over a period. If the RTP is 95%, this means you would most likely get a return of £950.

In the online casino industry, 96% is taken as the average for slot games. Thus, when you find a slot game that offers 96% as an RTP, you’re often advised to go for it. Some slots, however, pay higher. Ugga Bugga, for example, has a return percentage of 99.07%. This means you can expect £990.7 from wagering £1000 over a period. Generally, the higher the RTP, the more rewarding the slot is.

House Edge

While the RTP measures how much the player gets in return, the house edge is the factor that shows what the casino gets. It is also called house advantage or house percentage. This helps to keep it balanced between the casino and the player.

For a slot with 95% as RTP, while the player gets £950 back out of £1000, the casino gains £50 over that period. This might look so small for the casino, but if you consider how many users play on casinos daily, you’ll realize the gains can add up to become huge.

Payout percentages in free slots Vs real money slots

Like we stated earlier, those who play for real money are usually more concerned about the payout percentages. When you play for free, you just want to catch fun, and you are not expecting to get paid. It is different for real money slots as your cash is now involved, and you expect returns on your bet.

Nevertheless, free slots also have their RTPs. Free slots are the same as their real money versions, only that you don’t bet money and don’t accept payments. But the features of the games, including bonuses, paylines, reels, and payouts, remain the same.

So, the RTP factor still shows up in free versions of slots. Even though you might be playing for fun, you still want to win. But when a slot has a low percentage of payout, it means the wins would not come regularly.

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