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Ghana Trends 

In 2019 don’t expect any sane or beauty African girl to be walking around with nose hair sprinkle out their nostrels. In recent reports over the past week, many publications have reported and supposed nose hair trend. Apparently, the look was published by an abstract artistic oriental lady on social media @gret_chen_chen, who published it as one of her many awkward images on social media. However,some odd 100 or so young teenage girls in Europe and America got hold of that look and went crazy with it. And now their media is calling it the new trend.

Before getting into details we would just like to clarify, simply because a few mentally disadvantaged or care free youths execute something outrageous doesn’t mean it’s a trend. Also just because it is watch a few millions of times, doesn’t mean it’s trending. Sometimes, it means it’s absurd and there are a million people who just wanted to watch it to find out if they ladies are really that bizarre.

Never the less, if this really is a trend, reactions from Africans all over the world have shown a great rejection for it. When it comes to what trends amongst women, African, Caribbean and especially African American women have led the pace in this. From dancing, to slang, to fashion and even to hairstyles.

And one thing we can confirm is every where we have seen this posted amongst them there has been extreme disgusted reactions. There is definitely no sign of any woman of that category joining this supposed trend anytime soon. View some reactions below.

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