Johanna from Seychelles is the designer behind the clothing brand “katiti” and she is the first and only Seychelles designer to showcase in Ghana so far on the Accra Fashion Week C/R 2018
Johanna started sewing at a very early age since she was 12 years old however, she started sewing professionally to financially help her mother maintain their household. With determination it wasn’t long before she later bought out her own work shop.
Her collection on the Accra Fashion Week Chilly Rain 2018 featured different pieces from bridal wear, maxi and midi dress to jumpsuit. She excellently used sheer fabrics to create glamorous and luxurious women’s wear that can be worn to any event. Her finishing too were on point. Her collection is for the modern day woman with a strong sense of style and luxury.
She now aims to expand her clothing line on an international level with the vision to promote Seychelles tradition worldwide.
Check out the video and more images below



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