PICS: Linda Osifo’s Flat Hat Look To Lagos Fashion Week 2019 Is The Latest Proof That Our Trend Prediction Came To Reality

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Sometime back in June we at made a prediction that the flat hat look was something to watch out for and definitely set to take over the 2019 era. It seems some noticed and some probably slept on this prediction, now without a shadow of a doubt, it is beyond reason that the biggest trend of 2019 is and has been by far the flat hat trend.

#fGSTYLE: From Beyonce To Lolly Sticks, The African Print Flat Fascinator Hat Trend Is Growing Right Under Your Nose

We knew the prediction was a reality the moment Beyonce jumped onboard, she must have been reading Beyonce embracing the African print flat hat trend took the look into a frenzy with many fashionistas across the African fashion world, to the point it has now become an intricate part of African fashion style in 2019.

Today we see the fabulous Linda Osifo as many other have done, taking the flat hat fascinators away from the wedding guest and tea party ceremonies and bringing it straight to the day to day fashion styles.

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