Should Dark Skinned Girls Wear Red Lipstick? Read The Truth Here


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Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments,oils,waxes, and emollients that applies color, texture, and protection to the lips according to wikipedia. Many shades of lipstick exist hence its popularity over the years.

Ok we are not discussing the history of lipsticks, maybe later.There have been several arguments as to whether the dark skinned/african girl should be rocking red lipsticks and other color shades, do they they look hot, good, sexy or ridiculous with it on? Although a few people might say so, you will be surprised how many think otherwise. Although bright red, purple, or pink, orange sometimes look ridiculous and weird, but then that goes for all skin tones, unless in a very creative editorial shoot.


I think ‘Application Medium’ plum lipstick

For medium-toned skin, experiment with these lipstick colors:
Medium to deep pink
Medium to deep brown

If your skin is dark and rich, try these shades:

Deep red
Chocolate brown


Don’t think that just because your skin is in the darker range you can’t wear colors that look fabulous on lighter skin. Be willing to experiment. While you can’t do this with drugstore cosmetics, you can always visit the makeup counter at a department store to test colors. You may find lipstick colors for your skin tone that you never though.



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