If you want to work in the fashion sphere, a wish and creative ambitions are not enough. You have to take care of powerful education – only it opens serious career perspectives and let’s gain big achievements. There are a lot of powerful universities in the world. They train specialists for the fashion and design spheres. It can be difficult for a regular person to pick the best one. Our rating is going to make it easier.


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Burgo Fashion Institute (Istituto di Moda Burgo, IMB)

It was founded in 1961 and still remains a leader between international fashion design universities. Milano is the capital of fashion, it is more than a city, it is the highest quality assurance. IMB is a ‘100% Made in Italy’ institute. It is a sign of Italian style, methods, and passion. IMB opened its schools in various countries of Asia, Central Europe, Central America, Africa. In Italy, IMB is present in 12 towns. Why choose IMB:


  • Classes are individual. Tutors care about every student, creating individual educational schedules
  • Education passes with an exclusive program with specially created books, which are spread for free (both in English and Italian)
  • Tests are conducted every month, which helps to control studying
  • IMB tutors represent the best Italian fashions schools and studios
  • All classes are equipped with modern instruments used in the real fashion sphere
  • IMB provides courses both for amateurs, who face fashion for the first time and experts who want to raise their professional level


Registration can start 6 months before the beginning of education minimally.

Italian Fashion Academy

This one is Italian as well but is situated in Cairo, Egypt. This academy was found by a young Italian fashion designer Stefania Gulina. She started as a consultant in some Egyptian studios, but then she gathered all fashion experience of Africa and the Middle East into one academy.


Her graduates became famous in Middle East countries and around the world. The academy offers education in three spheres concerning fashion: design, communication, and jewelry. Here people can become photographers, designers, cutters, sewers, fashion representatives and expert jewelers.

Central Saint Martins

This is the most famous among British universities of fashion. Here you can study fashion communication, history of fashion, interior design, jewelry and textile arts. This college is called the best fashion school in Great Britain by many fashion magazines and experts. John Galliano, a famous designer, graduated from this college. Studying at Saint Martins, practice and practice. Only work with own projects will help a future designer to open creative potential.

Parsons School

This sacred land for all American designers is situated in the very heart of the USA fashion industry – on Manhattan. Here you can study various kinds of design, including clothes design, fashion marketing, etc. Education here is built by the principle of integrated studying. Students of different specializations regularly meet each other in studios and workshops to process creative projects together. This approach lets imitating real work maximally.

The school maintains a partnership with the biggest representatives of the fashion industry. Students have the ability to pass summer practice in LVMH group or attend New-York fashion week.

Bunka Fashion College

This is a single Asian fashion institute that regularly appears in tops of the best fashion schools of the world. It was founded in 1923 as a sewing school for girls. It was the first educational establishment to study European methods of sewing. At first, it was forbidden for men and foreigners. Everything changed in the 60s. ‘Fresh blood’ gave a boost to the development. In a couple of decades, everybody rumored about college graduates. Today Bunka is a synonym for the exclusive and unique Japanese style.


Remember, if you want to study fashion at university, you will have to finish at least the middle school in your country. Then you’ll have to finish preparation language schools, pass tests and prepare all required documents.



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