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Nigeria Celebrity Watch 

Yes we know, fans of Cardi B are going to complain on our facebook page but here we go. It’s one thing to see another person pick inspiration of ones look, even in a situation where the look was very similar, but it is another thing when it is repetitive and there are lots of looks to prove it. Especially in colour and style with minor changes. And that person (making the claim is Toyin Lawani!

Now are we agreeing that Cardi B is somewhere on a laptop watching Toyin and looking for which outfit to copy? No. But we believe most of these non creative western big brands are picking from hundreds of unpopular fashion looks made in Africa and making a killing (we don’t have proof then again haven’t many western brands done so many times already?)

And even more so the stylists that surround these celebrities under pressure to get things right. Their only attempt is to resort to something that works and we all know Nigeria has style. We arrest our case, Cardi B…Guilty. See the evidence below.


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