Meet The Nigerian Model Going Viral For Being Toothlessly Beautiful & Read Her Sad Childhood Experience

by Nana Tamakloe
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Somewhere in September, a very beautiful girl caught fire on all social media platforms with her very beautiful smile. However, something was awkward about the picture. It wasn’t that she was toothless because the image had already defied beauty standards. It was that the picture had everyone thinking, how could someone like that be so happy and confident.

However, this was all explained on instagram with her caption in the same picture stating…..

“Many people will see this and be like (shocked emoji) but have never felt more confident in my life… Have been like this for quite a long time… It limited me from a lot of things I felt discouraged n empty… I always loved modelling from day 1 of my life but due 2 my imperfection. I thought I had to be flawless n perfect. I cared about what people would think when they saw me… I never smiled or laughed because of it. (laugh smilie) I was picked on, called all sort of names, my mates mocked me. (Crying Smilie) I cried most times and I was so frustrated. I felt I couldn’t fit in.”

“But have come to realize that there a reason i’m this way and I thank God for how I m. Many of us are concerned about what people would say or think about us but let me tell you one thing. If u keep listening 2 negative things people say about you you will remain stagnant n that was what happened 2 me. Have never felt more alive n happier than I m now… Plus move with positive people. People that want your good n push u to do more. I thank God I have such people. God bless u guys. Accept n embrace who you are and Start loving your self and live your life. Don’t care about people opinion about your life. Its your life make your own rules and kick negative people out of your life. People that don’t add any value to your life trust me there going to be a huge difference in your life. THIS IS MY OWN UNIQUENESS YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE SAME WITH OTHERS BEEN DIFFERENT IS GOOD. I pray my story inspire people like me out there 2 live your dream to the fullest”

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