Men’s Wedding Rings: Choosing A Unique Design from James Allen

by Nana Tamakloe
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Modern men’s wedding rings are extremely underrated. For years, men had to resort to a clear one-colored wedding band. Now, there are loads of choices available that suits any gentleman’s style and personality.

Reputable jewelry vendors like James Allen, have a variety of options available. Ranging from classic to alternative, men have never had this much choices. Modern wedding bands, like the ones on this board, open up a new world of possibilities to the more creative and unique gentleman.

On the flipside, when faced with loads of choices, it can become even more difficult to pick the right one. Whether you are picking a wedding ring with your partner or want to make the choice yourself, consider the following determining factors before adding to cart and checking out.


  1. Kind of Band

Gentlemen’s wedding bands come in an array of sizes and styles. First, you will have to choose the type of wedding band kind. There are four main types:

  • Classic: This type features a traditional design. There’s no extra carvings, engravings, stones, or detail. It’s a plain curved band polished to perfection. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a traditional and classic design – some men aren’t full of wirework and the sleek design is perfect for a timeless man
  • Carved: This type of ring features a more masculine appeal. Inspired by the classic curved shape, the carved design puts a modern twist on a traditional look. The edges are etched and it features an overall beveled design. Some carved bands have polished edges with a more rugged or lined inner ring


  • Diamond Studded: Diamonds aren’t only a girl’s best friend; men can also appreciate the shiny luxurious stones. Diamonds can be placed in a row on the band or placed as an isolated stone in the center. Depending on your personal style you can add as much or as little as you want.


  • Silicone: Many men, especially those working with dangerous equipment, opt for medical-grade silicone rings. These rings are great to wear during the activities or at work. They fit securely onto the finger and won’t get snagged by heavy machinery. When your man is constantly surfing, riding dirt bike, or rock climbing, then a silicone wedding band is a great option.

    Some men have both a silicone and other styled ring which they interchange depending on the event.


  • Alternative Type: This is where the fun starts. Modern male wedding bands feature interesting alternative designs made from non-traditional metals like cobalt chrome and titanium.


They can feature many different shapes, engraving, carvings, and color combinations. Men who like wearing jewelry, pre-wedding, will be best suited for alternative custom designed rings.

Shape profiles to choose from will be vary from a flat surface to rounded and domed.


  1. Metal Choice

When choosing a metal one should always consider durability. You don’t want your wedding band to scratch, bruise, and bend when it collides with a wall. Most rings that are made to last a lifetime is usually made from rose gold, titanium, yellow gold, white gold, palladium, and platinum. Some gold rings, especially white gold, are plated with rhodium for a shinier appeal.

Look at online recommendations and James Allen customer reviews to find more information on different types of metal choices. If you do opt for a gold wedding band, then you should look at the karat percentage (not to be confused with carat, the measurement of a diamond).

All gold is measured in karat, this refers to the purity of the metal. Pure gold is 24 karats. So, when you have a 15-karat golden ring, it means that the ring is 15 parts gold out of 24.

Some bands are made with a mixture of different metals. Metals like platinum are rarely made from 100% platinum, they are typically 95% platinum with 5% mixed metals. Other metals that are used in mixtures can include silver and nickel.

The type of metal will obviously also have an influence on the color of your band. Whichever color you prefer is completely up to you.

  1. Width

Wedding band widths for men range between 4-9mm. Depending on your hand size you’ll choose a width that best suits your hand and finger. Men with extra large hands can consider band widths of up to 9mm, while men with smaller hands can consider widths of 4mm. On average, guys choose band widths of 6mm.

Even though a wider band is said to appear more masculine, there is no set rule to what size you should choose. Finding a width that best suits your style and feels comfortable on your finger are the most important. The width will also have an effect on the final cost. Wider bands cost more than narrow ones.


  1. Sizing

This is the tricky part, finding the right size is more complicated than taking a measuring tape and wrapping it around your finger. There are a few different methods on how you can get the accurate sizing of your band.

The best time to do the sizing is when your body temperature is neutral. Fingers swell or lengthen according to different temperatures, and you want your body to be in a neutral state when you measure your finger.

Follow this guide on how to measure your ring size:  Alternatively, you can visit any jewelry store for a free measurement. Some online vendors like James Allen will even send a free ring sizer through the mail.

Once you receive your final design and it’s not as snug as a bug, then you can always send it back to be readjusted. Many online vendors allow for a free resizing – make sure that it’s including in the overall pricing.


Investing in a unique men’s design wedding ring is just as important as investing in a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band. They are both equally as important. Thanks to alternative thinking jewelry designers, men now have ample choice.

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