Menswear Fashion Week Nigeria Is Loading! How Can This Platform Change Men’s Style!


We saw it take place in South Africa, now we are about to witness it in South Africa. Could mens fashion exceed womens fashion in Africa? If having a great show is what it would take then stylish males can only cross their fingers on Menswear Fashion Week Nigeria.


Women’s fashion, like any part of the world, has always exceeded men’s fashion, however this does not speak the same from designers progress as far as Africa in concerned. In the midst of various Chinese products and second hand clothes from America, the few sector of women that will chose to buy designers clothes are almost similar to that of men. Meaning male designers have just as much, or at least a narrower success of sales in comparison to women.

Menswear Fashion Week might just help identify trends and designers that stylish African men and fans of African styles and products. There is no date set yet but organizers, Qhue Concepts, have promised to execute the show in January.

menswear fashion week


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