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Michael Blackson reveals he worked with Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America. Michael Blackson, is a Ghanaian/Liberian-American actor and comedian who found his way to stardom in America by making dark-skinned jokes with an exaggerated African accent. His consistently and intimate interactions with his social media followers managed to get him an even bigger spot in the world of entertainment.

Based on the initial list served by Amazon Prime, it seems one familiar face was excluded, which happened to be Michael Blackson. Either he played a very minor cameo, or he could have been included in a scene recall/reshoot.

Michael Blackson

He took to his social media to share his experience and appreciation with the Coming2America cast in an instagram post stating “It’s crazy I’m in Africa right now and coming back to America tomorrow even tho I came to America 30 yrs ago I’m in coming to America 2. Make a long story longer Eddie could had told me my role was to take a shit for 30 seconds without speaking and it would had been an honor being part of this legendary sequel. It goes down March 5th @amazonprimevideo”

Not long ago we emphasized that the upcoming ‘Coming2America‘ movie should have been more inclusive of African actors. So we do stand corrected upon seeing Michael Blackson’s inclusion.

VIDEO: Here Is The 1st Trailer Of ‘Coming To America 2’ Another African Orientated Movie With No African Actors

Not everyone embraced the idea that this was necessary for the sequel set to drop by Eddie Murphy, however, it is very essential. Africa is growing more popular by the day, We know as we have been a part of this growth pushing African culture and fashion for over 10 years.

We all loved ‘Coming To America’, an amazing movie that had us cheering in Africa to see a bright, wealthy, positive, humorous, and entertaining side of African culture presented to the world in such days. And we loved Black Panther, although don’t for a second assume we did not squint our faces to the sounds of the awkward accents.

Why Black Panther Wasn’t Scrutinized For Its African Accents

Black Panther aroused a very similar feeling with off-key African accents, however, the Black Panther movie was soo amazing overall, it overshadowed its critique.

It wasn’t a harsh critique or a disgruntling factor, but a conversation with various African would have enlightened anyone that the accents were very irregular. In fact, it sparked a hint of humor, but nothing that diminished the admiration for the movie.

And had the movie not had hit such a high appeal the criticism might have dominated conversations about it.

Concussion On The Otherhand

Will Smith’s role in the movie ‘Concussion’, is a perfect example that didn’t outshine the accent critique. Concussion, unfortunately, did not entertain enough to out shadow its criticism, to the point where it actually became a headline topic for the movie, despite Will Smith serving a better accent than many other African Americans.

It was such a major factor that haunted the movie that even Will Smith had to mock himself and make light of it, being the positive figure he is.

If Coming2America doesn’t hit high notes to overshadow the criticisms, they might also be followed with the ridicule of accents and lack of African actors. This is not a social justice outcry but a genuine film critique as more people around the world these days are familiar with African accents.

Eddie Murphy and Shari Headley star in COMING 2 AMERICA
Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

African Actors Vs Actors In Africa

Following some comments on Facebook groups and our very own page, some assumed that our call for more inclusion of African actors referred to the struggling African here on the continent, which isn’t the case but wouldn’t be much of a bad idea.

To be precise, we were referring more to the African Hollywooders such as Idris Elba’s, the Michael Blacksons, the John Boyegas, the Lupitas, and more whom would have added a beautiful spice to the movie. A total eclipse of these would have been mind-boggling for a blockbuster hit on the way, so thanks to them for having Michael Blackson.

Above it all, we are looking forward to the movie and most of all we wish Eddie Murphy more success. And yes, we know African Americans are Africans, but for the sake of journalism on this point do pause on the social justice enlightenment.

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