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Cote d’Ivoire Model Stories 

Accra Fashion Week casting just took place, and as usual models fly and travel from around the world to participate in the international ceremony. The event has been already a leading platform for African fashion and it is only getting bigger.

Amongst the long legged legs that rocked the casting, was a very outstanding beauty by the name of Aude. A beautiful flower from cote d’ivoire that we had never seen before prior to the casting.

Usually our model crush consists of beautiful models making history either by being international popular or locally popular where they hail from. Or at times social media popular.

We can’t say Aude is any of these but the question is why isn’t she? She is a clear case of the reality that talent isn’t always promised success.

As at now it is only the beginning for the beautiful Ivorien model, there is no saying where the future will take her beauty or where her beauty will take her future. However, you can be sure you will see more of her on this platform.

If you think her beauty is well magnified in these pictures just wait until you see her in person. See the angel walk first in the video below and then see her other images further down.

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Sweet babe ❤

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