Mouth Watering Accra Fashion Week CR18 Promo Going Viral & Already Got Us Excited

by Nana Tamakloe

The next edition of historical Accra Fashion Week is so long away and will take place in March ending / April. The edition is branded as CR18 which stands for Chilly Rainy, referring to the season in West Africa shortly after the fashion week influencing the style the leading designers will be showcasing on the fashion week.


However, this video recently put out, which will soon be rotating on our site soon, gave us chills and really showed us how far away we have to wait before we experience.

Accra Fashion Week is doubtfully Africa’s most popular fashion week, we may be a bit critical of ourselves to say we can not rank it as the best just yet, after all it has only experienced it’s second edition, nevertheless, it definitely stays as the most popular going by reach, and website hits.

See the promo video below.

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