MUSIC VID: Haitian Born, US Rapper Wyclef Proclaims Himself 100% Nigerian In New Politically Charged Song ‘BA BA’

by Abigail Oluwakemi

Nigeria Music Video Celebrity Watch 

Fugees rapper, 911 and Sweetest Girl singer, Wyclef Jean claims to be 100% Nigerians after taking his DNA test in new rap lyrics in his song ‘Baba’ which features Ghanaian musician Kofi Black.

The politically charged rap song sees the Hatian born rapper hanging and rapping on a noose, at times with a white slave master by his side rocking a Dashiki top. The rapper states in the Chorus “And I just took my DNA Test, Don Dada, 100% Nigerian, BA BA! When you gonna learner…..”

As the artist is now working on his own label he is not seen as much on TV screens here but still highly admired and followed on his social media platforms. See the new video (2 months old though) below.

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