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Nigeria Music Videos 

Two of the worlds best artists from different worlds came together to make an amazing song titled ‘Blow My Mind’. Was it a banger, hmmmm, not sure. But then not every song needs to be made for the purpose of moving your feet in a dance club. It was a melow tune and it definitely served it’s purpose.

However, before we deliver the tune, as a fashion blog we have a bone to pick with Davido. Some odd year ago he went up on stage in America to collect his BET awards, and his own words, American’s should come to Africa to try our food (African food) and wear our clothes, bla bla bla bla bla. We are talking about a hypocrite, who in his history of legendary songs and popular videos probably was only seen in African fashion when he was in a village in his song ‘Aye’ or when he wore his own failed fashion brand.

The fact his fashion brand was hard to maintain should give him some idea how tough building a brand in Africa is and how he can use his platform to support. Instead he doesn’t support our brands, only wears gucci and D&G, then goes to the BET and tells foreigners to come and support.

We called him out on it, but we are raising it again because he could have taking this fabulous opportunity to have even gotten himself for one, and Chris Brown to jump on the African fashion movement. But it’s okay, African designers probably can’t give him the amount he will request to flaunt their brands on his platform.

Our disgruntle from his fashion sense doesn’t take away the fact that we appreciate him as a musician or even as a person and especially as an African pushing our culture beyond barriers, but from a fashion stance, he can do better. Even Chris Brown has rocked African fashion on more occasions than Davido. Anyways enjoy the video below.

Now we are done with Davido what do we think of Chris Browns verse. Was he giving us an African accent or are we hearing things? lol


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