MUSIC VID: Wendy Shay Returns With Another Song For Her Haters, Which Proved To Be A Wasted Style Opportunity

by Nana Tamakloe
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It’s easy to understand the concept of haters in Ghana, it’s a land when even when you haven’t reached success you will still face the negativitiy of envy. However, it is quite questionable how much time Wendy Shay dedicates to singing and posting on social media about her ‘haters’.

At some point you are just going to have to focus and move on, because it will get tedious until you are left with nothing but haters. In the case of her new song ‘H. I. T (Haters In Tears)’, it very unimpressive. The backing track doesn’t stand out, at least not for the song type. There is little to no life in her song, and not even Shatta Wale could wake it up.

There is no doubt the video is quite okay, there are some edited background most will not be certain if it’s poor graphics or if it was meant to give the effect that it isn’t real. But at least it’s following the royalty movement around the world most black women are adopting. Besides egyptian setting there is nothing else appealing to the eye. At some point in the video she had silhoettes of bats flying towards her.

It is also uncertain if she has taken advice upon upgrading her style following previous criticism. We understand, you are sexy and you have curves, but please try and do better than simple bodycon and tight fighting outfits from the boutique. Yes, she did level up with accessories that were beautiful, and the black bandeau top and slit skirt wasn’t bad neither, but this was an opportunity to make a strong queen like statement and either her or her video director or her stylist (if she has one) blew it.

Message to Wendy, The opportunity is on your lap, if you are not seeing it there is no hater to blame. After all they can’t be blamed for the poor graphics, the lack of styling, and the dullness of the backing track. At some point you are going to have to quit talking about haters and focus on putting more talent on display.

See the video below.

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