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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Sima Brew’s name has traveled quite far as far as fashion in Ghana goes. In a world of lots of designs there really isn’t anything new under the sun, but the combinations of various things is what identifies something as new, and a repeat of those combinations is what also identifies something as copied. And this reason alone is what has exposed fashion designer and sister to Menzgold owner, Sima Brew.

Zynelle Zuh, a leading icon in the Ghanaian fashion industry was seen flaunting a haute dress on the VGMA red carpet, but it wasn’t long until some spotted her designs were stolen from a Balmain Spring 2019 dress. With the exception of the fabric and the switch from skirt to trouser bottoms, the design was almost an exact replica.

There is no telling if this was a request by Zynelle Zuh as most clients in Ghana request their designs from the tailors, or if this was a stolen unaccredited act by Sima Brew, whichever way it doesn’t speak well of her credibility and opens doors to people questioning her previous and next designs. See the imitation below.


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