Nana K Brenu Launches New Ghanaian Fashion Brand “Aku+Vi” Launched To Celebrate Sisterhood

by Nana Tamakloe
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Modern Renaissance is Aku+Vi’s debut collection showcased at the launch event. Launched last Tuesday at the Untamed Empire Concept Store located in Ridge, Accra.


The fashion label derived its name “Aku” from a Wednesday born girl from the “ewe” tribe in Ghana, and Vi to mean Vibrant; thus Aku+Vi comes to reveal a true reflection of our own uniqueness and self-awareness.

Founded by Nana K. Brenu, also the designer of the luxury brand 1981, Aku+Vi has been launched to celebrate sisterhood and contemporary life.

The collection which was done in a presentation saw 9 models each wearing a look from the collection showcased through the “Imagination TV” concept from the Beast of No Nation Movie, to simply say imagine you wearing these beautiful pieces.

Modern Renaissance collection was inspired by the need to see the “Aku+Vi” girl rediscovering who she is and proud of what she discovers while taking on the world.

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