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Ghana Look Books 

It wasn’t long ago Ghanaian based Liberian fashion brand introduced her first collection with an impeccable look book that stunned all those that saw it.

The collection consisted of rare fabrics, carefully editted with beautiful prints, it might take one a while to even identify the African prints in the collection.

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The designer was later seen giving a presentation at Style Lounge 2018 where her exhibition, if not the best was definitely amongst the best as seen below.

Many assumed she would have been spotted on one of the main fashion weeks in Ghana, however, according to the brand. She was awaiting to put together a whole new set of clothes before she hits any further runway or events. As time has moved on, her clothes have been seen on various celebrities as well as the Miss Malaika 2018 pageant.

Yes, it is obvious her style is unique, but it was at this moment that it stood out, when every person that wears her clothes is automatically turned into a queen.

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#COPIED OR #INSPIRED ?¿? IS IT ETHICAL TO COPY THE WORK OF OTHER DESIGNERS? IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING INSPIRED BY AND COPYING A DESIGN?? I WOKE UP TO CALLS AND TEXT MESSAGES FROM CLIENTS AND FRIENDS WHO SAW A POST by @missghanauk. The new queen was wearing a copied design from our maiden collection Unearthed '18 LOOK#5 'Heiress' gown! It is obvious. The colors combination, the style lines, the arrangement of the patterns in the fabrics, etc. It is very obvious that this is a copied work of our Gertrude Ross Unearthed'18 Collection. Hours later, @adebayojones was given the credit as the designer of the gown. He later on clarified that he was not the designer behind the copied design but the evening gown. The designer remains unknown. The new queen who has been a follower of our page Akua Ohenewaa @itskua , didn't see it important to contact the original designer @gertrude_ross for a professional and originally made gown. However, she later on stated in her recent post that the outfit was inspired by @gertrude_ross Unearthed '18 Collection. True personality begins with #Originality . HOW DO WE STRIVE TO SUCCESS IN THIS INDUSTRY?¿?¿? ESPECIALLY FOR AN UP AND COMING BRAND…. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY BECAUSE IT IS #AFRICA. #STOPCOPYING #AFRICA #PROMOTEAFRICA #GIVECREDIT #FASHION #AFRICANFASHION #FASHIONINDUSTRY

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Usually, when designers, or creatives for that matter, introduce themselves with a bang, they tend to wish to follow up with an alternative style to show versatility. In some cases drifting away from what made people fall in love with their work. We can only hope this new set of creativity is not strayed away from in her further works, and that her promotion and branding is executed with maximum efforts before the style poachers get to her. For now enjoy images from her look book below.

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