Nigerian Photographer Rejects Anna Wintour’s Apology For Vogue’s Racists Reality #VogueChallenge

by Nana Tamakloe
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Outside Africa Racism In Fashion 

When it comes to racism in the fashion industry Vogue has done the worst and has been one of the spear heads for glamorizing the opposite of diversity across the world. Vogue in no way is obligated to be diverse and they do not owe Africans or blacks any favours.

However with great powers come great responsibility, and Vogue chose not to be responsible for diversity through out its decades of existence, in fact Vogue worked against that ensuring the magazine was as white as snow.

In many cases the magazine managed to include despicable and dehumanizing editorials of blacks such as the one below

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Coverage Of African Fashion: Racism Is Number 8, See Others

Or When Lebron was unknowingly depicted as King Kong on their cover.

If you want to discover about their racist history and editorials, simply google Vogue Racist. Vogue was so racist, after a while we stopped publishing it’s racist acts because it began to seem as though they did it as publicity stunts.

The general notion and neglect of raw talent that the magazine purposely ignored, especially as far as models were concern was mind blowing. As a former model agent in the UK I witnessed this first hand. And when the issue was raised, the blame would be passed in circles. Casting directors will blame the agencies, agencies will blame the magazine, magazine will blame casting directors and so on.

Yesterday, the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour apologized for race-related mistakes of the past in an internal email to colleagues on Wednesday.

She stated “I want to say plainly that I know Vogue has not found enough ways to elevate and give space to Black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators. We have made mistakes too, publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for those mistakes.”

A weak apology that had no progress to it. Many that are new to the world of fashion might not be moved or even care. But once upon a time, where there was no social media to highlight the beauty and talent of black models and African fashion. Vogue was amongst the only international media many looked to and continuously hoped it will shed light on blacks.

Unfortunately time after time they will publish insulting rhetoric and degrading editorials, as well as black faced white models. It seems now the magazine is less irrelevant, Anna Wintour all of a sudden feels it is fair to apologize now. Dispecable!

Former Nigerian fashion photographer for FAB magazine Suby Onabanjo took to facebook to share his thoughts on Anna Wintours apology and his disgust in the Vogue challenge dominated by Africans.

Anna Wintour writes a weak ass letter to say she wants to get better when it comes to diversity. A woman who is smart and extremely bright and very privileged. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she kept the publication she was an editor and an industry she has remained at the top off EXTREMELY WHITE and inaccessible to black creatives.

In the history of Vogue, there has been only 1 black photographer who shot a cover for the magazine and that was on the insistence of Beyoncé.

Now back to my initial statement about how easy we black people make it easy for others to take advantage of us.

To my horror to wake up the next day and see the #voguechallenge trending 😔 pushed by who, black folks, Africans, Nigerians.

Also to my horror black folks calling out for a Vogue Africa or Vogue Nigeria

Instead of us to look for a way to promote our own, to create our own, to invest in our own, we keep wishing for the white men who sit in a boardroom in New York to care about your culture and your talent?

WE CANNOT TRULY BE THAT NAIVE” – See the full post below.

It seems the desire for black people wishing to be featured in VOGUE was so extreme many over looked the racist antics. That it has made the VOGUE challenge much appealing. It’s they chance to satisfy the desperation of rejection.

With much social media platforms, it seems VOGUE is no longer the bible of fashion nor trends, but simply just a brand that people think if they are associated with it will somewhat uplifts their career. It’s best black and African people and all non racist fashionistas sit back and let it die. It’s run its course. Sorry Anna, your apology has been rejected.

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