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Nigeria Celebrity Watch 

She failed in her attempt to be a singer, then tried the red carpet celebrity thing and also failed, we are talking about the skin bleaching Cameroon girl known as Dencia. An aspiring singer who went from Lupita to a Blac Chyna by bleaching her dark and lovely brown skin some odd 4years ago.

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Shortly after doing so, she launched her skin bleaching cream where she engaged in serious controversy and appearances on many shows. What was controversial about her situation was she was so beautiful when dark, bleaching wasn’t needed. However, she attempted giving her shot at the celebrity pitch in Nigeria after becoming known, however it was only a matter of time before blogs that tried to follow her realized she was a waste of airspace and human body.

However, it seems she has found a new face for her bleaching cream, which happens to be the international reality tv show star Blac Chyna. And in the process Blac Chyna will be making her way to Nigeria for the purpose of promoting the bleaching cream.

This has stirred many Nigerians up the wrong way who are being vocal against her like they were towards Dencia. Burna Boy, is one of Nigeria’s top artists and he has decided to be more than vocal about his opposition against her presence.

He took to instagram and wrote “Anybody who attends this rubbish might as well commit suicide.” he continued “@blacchyna please don’t come to my home and sell your poison. Because the thunder that will fire you is wearing that big Balanciaga trainers.”

We hope to see more Nigerians coming out and speak against it, and even if possible, have the government bans this little charade. On that note, well done Burna Boy.


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