Nigeria’s Next Super Model Season 10 On It’s Way – #NNSM Celebrating a Decade


Nigeria’s Next Super Model 2016 is revamping with a celebration of a decade of changing lives, scouting and building the best models in the modeling industry. NNSM since inception has been all about the positive impartation of the #girlchild up till last year when the contest opened up for males. The project was conceptualised with the purpose of searching out girls with extra-ordinary features and capabilities and mould them into world-class supermodels.


Nigeria’s Next Super Model contest have been known to make every prospective model’s dream come true. Each and every applicant of NNSM is given a platform for expression and then the ones with the prospects are selected and sent to the camp which is the most exciting part of the contest. The selected contestants have the camp to themselves which usually is a 5-star accommodation with relevant infrastructure, chaperones and visits to the camp by celebrities and artists are one of the high points. The activities on camp are used for the reality show which is mostly aired on selected TV stations across the world (both cables and Internet), also via the NNSM TV Channel (coming out soon).


As part of the freebies that come with this year contest being the 10th anniversary, NNSM is rolling out early registrations for contestants for a whooping slashed price of N1,500 registration fee which is usually N5000. This is to enable prospective models to obtain and register for the contest and secure their position before the fee is taken back to N5000. So if you’re reading this article and you think you have what it takes to be the next Nigeria’s Next Super Model, head straight to the official website and register now. You might want to hear that the registration process has been simplified to the easiest possible mode which includes instant online payment of the slashed price with the general ATM cards, ability to save and continue later the registration form, and creating a personal profile on the NNSM website where you can relate and socialize with fellow models to get tips, friendship and advice from the past queens of NNSM.

Well if you’re not a model or prospective model, you can still forward this to a friend you know or don’t know by sharing this article on your social media walls clicking on any of the social buttons below… You might be doing a lot of girls a lot of help. Also NNSM social media platforms have recently been reinforced and upgraded to be highly informative, so you can be sure to find out up to date information as regarding all activities from the registration period, to the screening, to the camping and finally to the grand finale which is usually towards the end of the year.

Lastly, this is a useful piece of information for contestants outside LAGOS. Regional screenings for NNSM have been authorized to take place at the following selected locations – Abuja, Port-harcourt, Benin, Ibadan, Asaba, Warri, Owerri, Enugu, Calabar, Kaduna. All registrations from these locations will have representatives of NNSM come into town on selected dates to conduct the screenings so look out for the dates on the official website, if you are a registered contestant you will also be updated with the dates and locations via email, social media platforms and phone numbers so be sure to submit correct data while filling the forms.

To all prospective models and contestants, Joan Okorodudu is still the originator and owner of Nigeria’s Next Super Model, winner still goes home with a brand new car and several international jobs, all finalists are still eligible for international bookings and trips to various fashion events around the world, several other benefits still awaits selected finalists, and the list goes on… Best of luck to all contestants this season as we look forward to a record breaking contest this year.

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