Nigeria’s Okunoren Presents New Easy-Breezy Linen Collection for the Modern Man


Nigerian fashion brand Okunoren presents the all new linen collection which is a blend of color and vibrance created for the modern man.

The creative director, Taiwo Okunoren pointed out significsntly, “the relaxed nature of the collection is a nice juxtaposition with the bustle of our vibrant city and we are pleased to be able to offer a body of work that captures the essence of Lagos and showcases it to the world”.

He continued, while maintaining our signature sartorial elegance, we have created a collection that celebrates the distinctive nature of Lagos, it invokes our nostalgic yearnings for simpler times, sandy beaches, calm lazy waves and carefree days.

The collection is composed of transitional pieces which are all crafted in linen (which is acquired from Italy and India), a cloth known to add a fresh and relaxed twist to formal tailoring. This cloth is worn predominantly in tropical climates, from Sao Paolo to Lagos, Havana to Miami.

This collection is made up of brown linen shirts, cowries feature as buttons fused with Sanyan asooke trimmings; Opele beads gleam off-white shirts, big patch pockets feature on oversized long-sleeved shirts paired with the military patch pockets on vibrant blue trousers. Check out on the lookbook below!



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