No Where To Run; Swedish Rebels Terrorize Stockholm With African Print Making Media Headlines

by Abigail Oluwakemi

Nicole Walton and her friend visited Ghana this spring and became so fascinated with the fashion and fabrics that they replaced everything in their luggage and took to sweden tens of meters of fabric to Stockholm along with a collection of 70 shirts and dresses. Their mission was to spread awareness of this beautiful world of colors and amazing patterns. Therefor they created the project ”Twisted Family”, a nonprofit organisation with the ambition to break worn out patterns – with new patterns!


The first pattern they broke was in the subway of Stockholm, a small fabric heist that disrupted citizens of Stockholms daily routine and made their day a bit more colorful!

The heist was covered by many newspapers and became the talk of the week. However, this was in the beginning of June and since then they have been selling their cloths where the profit went to a charity organisation called ”Together as One – Ghana” and it just struck her now that people in west Africa might find this interesting just like the people here i Stockholm did. Enjoy the video.

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