Normalize Posting These Poor Parts Of Europe Like They Do With Africa – South African Model Tweets Unfavourable Pics OfEurope

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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A young twitter model by the name of Isono Mnandi (known as @Sli_buth on Twitter) has taken it upon herself to change the narrative and perception of the world. Many adults, especially those that had traveled across seas, would recall a very unfair representation of Africa prior to the days people lived on social media.

Africa was once the hub of ravenous flies that swarmed around the mouths of famished skinny babies. The home for the charitable Europeans with a few extra coins to give away. Whilst the media represented Europe and America as the place where dreams are lived. This opened doors to a lot of illegal immigrants, many of whom ended up living in the worst conditions as that the tropical warm nature they grew up in Africa.

And despite all the privacy invasion inflicted by Facebook onto the world, one undeniable attribute is that Africa took the opportunity to let the world know what it truly was. And that we are not here with flies on our mouths. Instead on the contrary we are here happily enjoying events, fashion, great music, and some of the most beautiful voluptuous women and healthy fit men.

Instagram came and it helped deepen this reality also, TikTok on the other hand, well only for those who love the monkeying around. (pun)

Nevertheless, South African model Isono wants to put a nail in the coffin. She is no longer about only putting Africa in a good light, shes ready to take it a step further and show people Europe’s true colors.

In a recent tweet, she published hideous images of a slum that could easily be identified as that of one in Haiti, Nigeria or right here in Ghana. But low and behold it was right in the center of Europe. Spain to be precise, in a city called Canada Real just outside their capital, with a caption that read “Normalize posting these poor parts of Europe like they do with Africa. Cañada Real (just outside of Madrid), Spain.”

Isono’s whose tweets usually average 2 ‘hearts’ with little to no retweets hit 8,000 retweets and 17,000 hearts on her latest post. It seems her message resonates with many others and that most Africans carry resentment about the poor representation they have endured over the years.

Unfortunately, it took a great deal of social media pages to reinvent Africa as many would have witnessed growing up through the changes. Work that should have been done by our incompetent governments, most of whom do work for the west.

With that said, many do harbor such feelings for Africa’s misrepresentation, but not many will have the time to obey Isono’s command all whilst trying to make a living. Nevertheless, if that was to be executed just as much evenly, there will be a total flip of location admiration for tourists across the world.

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