One Big Mistake Most Fashion Clients Make When Booking A Photographer; Must Read

by Nana Tamakloe
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Ever wanted that look book that will consolidate your brand? Or better yet introduce your brand and set its pace in this very difficult market of fashion?


Well the first thing you want to do is avoid the monkey with a camera. Usually most of us, when looking for a photographer, our initial act would be to see their work. In 2017 that would mean going on any of their social media pages and reviewing fantastic images they have, to ensure the capability of giving us great work.

The next step would be to ensure their attitude, are they nice? Are those pictures really theirs? Do they seem like the person who would actually get the pictures to you with no dodgy extra costs and so on, before booking. This is usually the final step most people take prior to booking their look book photographers.

However, there is another worry that seems to silently dominated the industry that hasn’t been put out much in words. And it applies to all, from models to designers, to even people outside of the industry, weddings etc. Just because he has good work, doesn’t mean he is guaranteed to execute good work for you.

You see, most times photographers put their best work up. And it’s not to say they can’t execute it again, it’s more like if they can be bothered to execute it again for you. Just because a photographer is capable of amazing retouching doesn’t mean after you have paid him he will do so for you.

There are countless of works most photographers execute just to get quick money off a ‘wanna be’ model, or aspiring designer who approached them because of their amazing work online. They take the money, and then do something not even half as good. They avoid even putting their logos on it, they avoid sharing it on their own platforms because even they know the quality of the work was horrible.

Such scenarios mostly occur when the photographer feels the money they are being paid is not up to the standard they wish but yet due to hard times they take the money, so they don’t give the job their all. Other times could be because they don’t value the popularity of the clients so they couldn’t care about their public complaints.

So after you have paid your hard earned money, you are left to look at work that seems nothing like that in their portfolio, and most of all you can not get a refund.

Here are three tips on how to avoid such a scenario.
1/ Get a recommendation from a friend, who has no close ties with the photographer they recommend and got good results.
2/ Work with a good photographer on your level. ie. if you are a beginner designer, find a new photographer that is capable of amazing pictures. They will usually put in their best work for the pay you give. If you are a pro designer then you won’t be needing this advice.
3/ Try avoid haggling prices down. If a photographer gives you a price and you don’t like, try bargaining a bit but don’t push it too much. If the photographer is not comfortable going down or offering a lower price that you can afford, find another. Haggling prices are usually the cause to this problem.

So now you know, good luck.

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