Pictures for Passion 4 Fashion are out. An event that sees the graduation of young Empire GH models in some of Ghana’s best designers amongst up and coming brands.


Despite the models being new to the runway, the designers and their fabulous work aren’t. Get a glimpse of Bri Wireduah, Adjoa Yeboah, Aphia Sakyi & Abena Sikka On The Runway. More heavy hitters from this show to come.

View the designers below. To see all runway action from the event, click on Passion 4 Fashion 2017.

See all designs by Bri Wireduah, Aphia Sakyi, Adjoa Yeboah & Abena Sikka.

4. Bri Wireduah @ Passion 4 Fashion

Drag/Slide » For Aphia Sakyi

3. Aphia Sakyi @ Passion 4 Fashion

Drag/Slide « For Bri Wireduah | Drag/Slide » For Adjoa Yeboah

2. Adjoa Yeboah @ Passion 4 Fashion

Drag/Slide « For Aphia Sakyi | Drag/Slide » For Abena Sikka

1. Abena Sikka @ Passion 4 Fashion

Drag/Slide « For Adjoa Yeboah

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