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Ghana Look Books 

The Ghanaian designer who once wowed the world of print fashion with a fabulous fringe collection back in 2016 has been making tremendous success along the way. After switching to couture then to rtw clothes, she later open a fabulous fashion store not only stocking her clothes but also fabrics and accessories and more.

Recently there has been a serge of emerging fabulous African fashion trends, and one very recognizable growing trend that is set to make a lot of noise is the flat African print fascinators. Although it had been rocked a few times before, there is no denying Beyonce helped set the look on fire.

But just when you thought the flat print fascninator hats were just that, renowned Ghanaian designer Adeziwa Vade is about to revamp the concept of simplicity and now added a couture touch to the fabulous accessories. So far the designer has taunted us with only two looks, but it’s worth every inch of sight shown.


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