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Ghana Beauty Society 

One beautiful thing about the internet for those old enough to remember a life without social media, is we can definitely say it has boosted black pride as far as black women having confidence in themselves and facing insecurities.

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This is due to the monolithic presentation of beauty we were forced to embrace when we were subjected to the only screens in our presents, TV. Women would walk around constantly wondering if they were appreciated, or who they could look upto that was being called beautiful by the general public.

Now in this new age of social media, we see young girls crying in social media videos to their mums telling them they wish to be black, we see European slay queens on instagram falsely darkening their images to appear black and so forth. By all means we support pride for all, however, long gone are the days where a black women will be born and automatically feel subjected to foreign beauty or less beautiful due to her hair type.

Despite social media having it’s bad sides, one thing for sure is it makes it a fairly bit easier to disseminate the steriotypes projected and whether these photographers know it or not, they play a major role in it. It’s almost like a magical turn over these young ladies will never understand. So to celebrate this new let’s share these recent beautiful headshots currently going viral online.

By @thelexash
@tellytamba by @nikeliphotography
@komomodisakeng by @jabukiing
By @Samphophie
By @kokuvi_
@daniellaokeke by @_chuckdaniels
By @Greygold_photography
By @Proudlyseun
@_lemonyy by @thejoeydutch
By @imagefacaulty
@vivianne_mackenzie for @alrosalhairtomakeupartistry

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