PICS: Tribal Scars! Is It Time To Stop Them….Or Should The Culture Be Left Alone?

by Nana Tamakloe
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Tribal scaring is a cultural and traditional practice executed in many parts of Africa. Some tales state it began with colonialism, some say it began with the Arab slavery and some say it has existed ever since. Nevertheless, one thing we can fairly agree on is majority of those living with tribal scars would opt for it if they had the chance to chose.


They are actually a way of maintain ethic group lineage, but in todays world, why does this practice continue? In the age of tribal war and conflict, it might be understandable to see why some clans might execute such in order to know who belongs where or who is part and not part of their family. But in today’s world it should definitely be questioned.

However for what it is now, there are still beautiful souls and faces that walk the earth with their tribal scares and you can see some in the image gallery below.

Djenné cercle, Mopti Region, Mali: girl with tribal scarification near Djenne - photo by J.Pemberton

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1 comment

Afzal Zaheer October 1, 2016 - 2:38 am


Some of the old countries of the world do have their traditional practises which continue even till date.
It is a topic of debate whether they should continue even today or not, and being a blogger as well as a research professor on the same subject, I am open to debate as well.


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