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Kanye West a trendsetter despite your love or hate for him. He disappointed a few of his fans when supporting American president Donald Trump but even that he made it trendy for a minute to be a Trump fan. Now the man who brought to you ‘Through The Wire’, ‘Sway you ain’t got the answers’, and clothes on the runway that every one questioned then started dressing as such, brings to you a new hairdo that might hit amongst black men or men in general.

Kanye has introduce a new tiger print hairstyle, if it has a name feel free to drop it in the comments section. The look has already caught the attention of many and we are yet to see how fast it will spread. We have seen many hairstyles rock the world, however in this day and age of social media with influences coming from every where it is hard for one particular look to make fashion but let’s keep our eyes out on this one.


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