PICS: Viral Tanzanian Beauty SanchiWorld Converts To Muslim & Now Blowing Minds With Modest Clothes

by Nana Tamakloe
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Almost everyone knows of SanchiWorld, and if you don’t know the name you will definitely know the face and the curves. SanchiWorld is a very curvy Tanzanian beauty whose real name is Surraiya. Her pictures have featured on almost every ‘African Woman’ orientated blog or social media platform.

The young Tanzanian lady Surraiya is one of the most endowed ladies of Africa who loves to flaunt her curves using her social media pages and accounts.

Surraiya was fully aware of what her followers wanted, and she didn’t shy away from giving it to them. Taking numerous sultry pictures that will appease the thirsty glamour end of social media.

SanchiWorld Dealt With Heavy Critics In The Tanzania Media

Rising to fame based on curves is a trend that has picked up with social media. We see this across the whole world and even very much so here in Ghana as seen in the article ‘Women That Rose To Instafame Using Their Curvy Bottoms’.

Ghanaian Women That Rose To Instafame Using Their Curvy Bottoms (Part 2) 2018 Edition

She is not new to the glamour world and was heavily viral prior to the popularity of platforms like instagram in Africa. This created cultural controversy as at the time the most glamour projected of African women would still be that of fully clothed girls (obviously that is not the same now).

As much as she attracted admirers, she also did with critics in her earlier days and had to defend her free spirit self much in the African press.

Surraiya is known to be a model but also has a few other professions that brought her income such as acting, being an influencer, as well as being a fashion designer and it seems later she decided to put down the glamour and focus on style.

SanchiWorld Becomes A Fully Fledged Muslim

The glamour girl recently went through some changes with her religious beliefs. Not long ago she changed her public profile from SanchiWorld to @Miss.Surraiya. She then proceeded to delete all her tempting, sultry, and sexually appealing pictures and created a dummy page at the original name @sanchiworld.

Despite this, the dummy page still gained over 70,000 followers, with the original page holding over 1 million followers. These changes were executed with her deeper faith in her Islamic faith.

A Change From Glamour To Modest Clothes

Right after this change to become a deeper Muslim, she changed her style moving away from the sexy and sultry presentation, to getting deep in some really stylish and couture outfits. She has been a good Muslim for just a few months now and is expressing her deep loyalty to the religion.

Public figures like these tend to make changes either after going through traumatizing experiences, finding a love in their life that comes with rules, or giving birth. Or in some cases, building from bad experiences from being a glamour star.

Whichever way don’t dar believe she is short of stunning or striking in her newly found presentation. Surraiya is sending most of the nation’s designers viral and exposing their talents with her amazing figure and receiving just as many compliments.

Her new presentation is filled with tremendous style, and she is taking on a new leaf that might just inspire other younger girls.

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