PICTURES: Child DJ Opens Children Catwalk Show At Mozambique Fashion Week 2013


mozambique fashion week 2013 kid dj (1)

This years Mozambique Fashion Week 2013 might not have been as glamourous as last years which opened with a plane pulling upto the runway and models walking out of it. However, creativity has made it just as special and as unique! One following the title as above.


LC, the said DJ is only 7 years old and full of style. The young talented man shows us that talent has no age. He dj’d on a lovely Sunday afternoon which was the afternoon for Vodacom MFW kids.

mozambique fashion week 2013 kid dj (2)

The children put together an amazing jaw dropping show for the very stylish Mozambique Fashion Week 2013 audience. Without doubt the components the afternoon created a fun and joyful day receiving much applause.

The designers for the children’s clothing which proved to be a success were Carla Parente, Patricia Monteiro , Ana Mota and Cicada Perrin. Each with a distinctive and innovative style.

mozambique fashion week 2013 kid dj (4)

The very young models who took to the runway by no doubt have potential future in fashion and left with their very proud parents. The MFW kids section was a new feature on the show, but one that has definitely come to stay. See images of the kids below.



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