Many conspiracy theorists have described today, the 21st of December 2012 as the end of the world. These end of the world predictions are usually coming from “really creative” people who spot a pattern in a date and then figure out they have discovered the smartest thing they ever will.

Nevertheless, since the end of the world is here then for goodness sake, you want to look good when you meet your maker right? Not in your boxer shorts or some tacky worn out mini dress or track suit. So here are some end of the world fashions you must get right right now or else you could end your existence looking a horrible mess.

If you are in Ghana get yourself some HTW Shoes, we would not want you walking to heaven in sandals.

The Christie Brown Necklace feather  is essential wear around your neck when the Earth splits and the molten core is spouting through the Earths crust.

Also, there will be a lot of smoke and poisonous grey clouds whilst the world is ending, so please, purchase yourself some colourful bags so you don’t get separated from your friends. You can pick some up from Sa4a designs (Ghana), Aerime Designs sold on our website (Ghana), Zedi&Cross bags (Ghana), and Farahu (Uganda).

That just leaves the dress, possibly the most important part, as it needs to be chic, yet wearable during the final apocalyptic moments of the planets existence. With that in mind you cannot fail to make the proper exit with either SIKA (Ghana) or Stoned Cherrie (South Africa) helping you along your way.


With this method you can be sure your soul will be at peace and that there will be no anxiety at the though of what species and entities of the new world would remember you were wearing when they look back!



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