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Images of a young girl allegedly by the name of Lydia Hudu has gone viral in Ghana. Apparently the girl is a student of University of Ghana. The images are being shared with the caption.

“A University of Ghana student named Lydia Hudu caught on camera hawking Soboolo drink at Makola market. Reliable source said her mom hawks Soboolo to pay her and her siblings school bills.
This is one brave girl who is not ashamed of her hustle.
How many girls can do this in our society.”

Firstly, there could possibly be some misconceptions about this image. The images were shot by Benin photographer Zhero Photography, whom have never executed anything in Ghana if one is to go by the work onn their instagram page. Meaning there is a high chance these images are not shot Ghana.

The story really only captured our attention because the girl, if tall in person, could easily pass as an international model. However what is mind boggling is living in Ghana, many girls, guys and in some cases children are going through much worst to raise funds for their daily living and education.

The notion that this has to be some sort of sympathetic story goes to show that we as a nation are measuring her standards or wealth by her beauty. In other words why should a girl this beautiful have to sell drinks to pay for education.

I am not sure which Ghanaians are shocked by this but we can go to Accra or Lapass market and show them a whole heep of ladies who are doing exactly the same. Oh I forgot, they are not as pretty and do not deserve this amount of sympathy. However, it seems like many in the Ghanaian public share similar views, see some reactions below.

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