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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

Chris Brown came under fire on twitter by some women who tried to play the race card with a lyric from his recent song. The RnB singer who blew up at a very young age and topped the charts found himself in a string of trouble in the earlier part of his career, the most known being his physical abuse of Rihanna.

Although, he has been fairly out of the limelight for controversy, unfortunately a lyric from a song just landed him in the middle of more controversy. This go-round, it’s because of a controversial lyric involving “nice hair” and his exclusive desire for black women with exactly that and Twitter isn’t letting him off the hook, and black women seem to be fed up. See the lyric below.

Social media has tried to play this off as some sort of racially inclined insult to “Black Women”, following the controversial term ‘good hair’. However there are many reasons why there is no such connection. Chris Brown is an RnB singer, and unfortunately, it means 99% of everything he says musically is about women (the sad limitations of RnB singers).

At some stage he is set to talk about hair, and where does it become an issue for him to say he likes nice hair? What’s the difference to saying he likes nice legs, or nice ‘behind’ or nice lips? Yes racism exist, yes colourism exist, but it’s another thing to claim ugliness. And that is what those who are reacting to this are doing. For Chris Brown to say he likes ‘Nice Hair’ (not good hair which is associated with discrimination) and some women to react under the banner of black women could only mean that those women or bloggers have it embedded in their mind that nice hair is associated to everything non black.

GrapeVine also chose to milk in on the race baiting

Chris Brown fired back at the critics stating “Weird [redacted] angry people….. Im start giving away free lace fronts for all you females wit the skid row edges and low self-esteem,” he commented under a page’s post about him not liking dark-skinned women”…..

In this case we would always stand against something that speaks out against the natural beauty of human beings period, but something tells me this is a race card that didn’t need to be pulled out.

In fact, we even doubt Chris Brown even know people are comparing his nice hair to natural hair. It seems he is just defending the fact he doesn’t want a girl whose hair isn’t well groomed, and not knowing the race card of natural hair vs weave is being pulled on him. Your thoughts?


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