Review & Pictures – Sark Collection Fashion Show Launch By Sarkodie & Yas & The Story Behind The Sark


_DSC0159 (596x900)So how did the Sark Collection come to be? Here is a vague description of what I recall Sarkodies words on stage. Once upon a time, the international performer was travelling around the world. He met a lady from Norway, who helped him with some music contacts and introduced him to Jerry Wonder. She happened to be a designer and put forward the idea to him about the Sark Collection. This lady is the designer behind the Sark Collection and goes by the name of Yas.

My review, is that the Sark Collection over all is a nice concept. I think with all concerned, some might have picked up I like to gear some of my articles towards supporting your own. But many might confuse me as a traditionalist when in fact I tend to look at things more from an economical perspective.


African fabric or not, having the Sark collection is great, it give space to those who wish to go out there and seek the ‘Baby Phat’ style, or the ‘Rocafella’ wear presentation, the ability to actually get it here and represent a Ghanaian label. Now I am not sure how the economics works behind the scene and if its the Ghana half or the Norway half of the duet benefits from the sales but its a step closer.

Sarkodie & Yas (Sark Collection Designer)
Sarkodie & Yas (Sark Collection Designer)

In review of the designs, I was quite impressed. My expectations had been lowered to t shirts with prints, jeans with labels, and caps with logos, as is with most artists that start their labels. But it was actually the opposite, there was more to the outfits than just that. Cuts, patterns and creativity.

The designs were upto date with the modern trends. In fact, one may recall an article I write about spike fashion (read here) and if there will be a designer to introduce it to Africa, well the Sark collection did just that. This is definitely ahead of most casual and smart wear abroad. Goodluck to the duet on their new found venture. I should be getting myself a belt or two.

About the Show, the performances were great, Sarkodie and Efya were wonderful, 4×4 brightened up the stage. The models were fabulous (An all male line up). Organised in the newly designed front yard of Aphrodisiac night club. Late start, but we’re immune to it now. The special guests rocked, specifically D-Black, Deborah Vanessa, and her brother WanLuv Kuboloh, who humbly sat amongst the audience. Video coming soon to, for now, enjoy the images.

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  1. I thought sark collection is about real african fabric but otherwise. Pls let us help promote our fabrics cos we have nice fabrics with wonderful pattern design . am 28yrs old fashion designer , I WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH SARK COLLECTION THANKS

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