PICS: Here Is The Full Set Of Belly Bump Maternity Looks Rocked By Rihanna Since Her Pregnancy Announcement

by Nana Tamakloe
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34-year-old Rihanna may have just revolutionized how European women take a look at maternity. Prior to her belly bump expose, showcasing your unborn child was an act only executed by mothers in maternity shoots and not at parties, clubs, red carpets on in the day-to-day street walk.

Truth be told, such behavior was only found by two types of cultures, African women in villages, and African American ghetto styles, where young pregnant girls might dawn revealing and sexy dress in pride of their unborn babies. Such has been criticized for years. So much so the trend is hardly seen, so Rihanna isn’t doing anything new, she is just making the young ghetto black trend acceptable. A point make in an article we published that was misunderstood by it’s title.

Rihanna Drops More Haute Belly Bump Pictures Turning The ‘Ghetto Baby Momma’ Style Into Mainstream Fashion Inspiration

Anybody Else….

If the odd black woman took to the parties and red carpet what Rihanna has showcased lately, she would have been hurled with all kinds of negro orientated insults. A slight resemblance to the twerking culture which was born as a sin only by black women until the white girls began to emulate the dance and then it became a worldwide adorable dance sensation with classes across the USA.

Rihanna’s belly bumps expose and her treatment is not far from that. It took a powerful woman with a lot of pride who can not be touched by the mainstream media to now accept what has been common in many urban black inner-cities and she is doing it well. The ceiling of being ashamed of your pregnancy, husband or no husband has been broken, and she did it with a range of looks. So take this moment to see how Rihanna simply changed the world perspective on pregnancy and pregnancy styles below.

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