RIOHS Originate Fashion School In Ghana, Set To Hit Accra Fashion Week 2016 Runway



RIOHs Originate school is set to present the best of it’s student at Accra Fashion Week 2016. The Accra based fashion school which saw over 3000 people attend it’s graduation day in June 2016 will be holding it’s Accra Fashion Week 2016 show on Saturday 7pm-10pm at the Trade Fair Center Pavilion B.


The fashion week is said to feature various international designers from across the African continent as well as USA, UK, Netherlands and other European countries. The 5 day fashion week opens on the 5th and will see fashion shows take place from the 5th-9th of October. The event is set to break historical grounds as far as fashion is concerned, and for the first time in Ghana breaking the ice between designers and boutiques in Ghana.

Although RIOHS ORIGINATE was founded in 2010, 2016 will be it’s first ever participation in a fashion week. The decision to present their students designs at Accra Fashion Week was executed by the founder and talents manager, Richard Ohene Sika and award-winning fashion designer Sarah Huang of Sarah Richards.

Today Riohs Originate is one of the leading 5 fashion schools in Ghana, thriving with creativity enhancement institution whose charitable purpose is to widen participation in arts education. Countless students each year now study creative and visual arts by open learning with RIOHs. Based on reviews of their graduation day, RIOHs exhibition at Accra Fashion Week is said to set standards high standards for designers showcasing this year.

For more information on the RIOHS show details click here

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