Schedule For Nairobi Fashion Week 2013 Is Out With Various African Designers! Kenya Get’s Ready!



As shown on the flier above, residents, tourists and visitors on Nairobi will be able to witness all this fashion between the dates of 23-25th August 2013 at the Hilton Hotel.

The count down to Nairobi fashion week 2013 has just began. This is the first of a kind fashion week here in Kenya where fashionistas will have 3 nights of fashion experience with top African fashion designers exhibiting and showcasing the latest collections.


The Nairobi Fashion Week (NFW) is organized by Dynamic Race Modeling Agency, the regional leader in fashion events. NFW was conceived and created out of a vision to:”Bring creativity and innovation to fashion and forecast the future of African fashion and synergize Kenya into the fashion world.”

NFW Premieres in 2013 with a three day fashion extravaganza and will be held every year. The maiden show will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi. See schedule below.


23rd Friday (Gala Night)
1/ Enzie Porter
2/ Hers By Hellinah Design
3/Bessy Bugo Jewelleries
4/ Kyoko Musemu
5/ Atsenga Kreations
6/ Naomy Design
7/ Gonzala Leather

24th Saturday
1/ Shenu Hooda
2/ Atsabina
3/ Afro Street Collection
4/ Vaishali Creations
5/ Severine Devaily
6/ Zambarau

25th Sunday
1/ Ebony by Rinda
2/ Mohammed Bana
3/ Hameed Abdul
4/ Dafina Fashions
5/ JM Designs
6/ Daddy Maximo (Rwanda)

For more information on major African fashion events click here to visit our Events page.


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