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Accra Fashion Week has been on tremendous upscale rise and Chilly Rainy 2019 was it’s best to date. However, one thing that stood out much within people’s compliments was the amazing designers showcased on the runway. What stood out next was the set up, then followed by the beautiful ladies that rocked the runway.

So we decided to make it our duty to bring them you and their contacts via the agency, Confidence Models that booked them, so you can reach them do you need to book them for any upcoming shows! Check out the fabulous models, their names and agencies and click on either one to see or find out model about them.

PS: This list only includes models that were booked by Accra Fashion Week and not those brought in by affiliate designers.

Neomi from Stars Models from Stars Models

Fawziat From ConfidenceModels

Mawa from Agence Tatiana Love

Myrah from Confidence Models / Tendance Modeling Agency

Armanda from Confidence Models / Tendance Modeling Agency

Beatrice Eli from Confidence Models

Grace QuayeConfidence Models

Audrey from Niki Heat Model Management

Yacine Agence Tatiana Love

Edem from 5 star Model Management


Shola from XA Model Management

Doris from Focal Eye Model Management

Jennifer from Mark Star Model Management

Nana Yaa

Gina from Confidence Models

Hilda from Confidence Models


Eunice from Ecobrown Models

Stella from Gappy Model Management


Lilian from XA Model Management

Peace from Stars Models from Stars Models

Laurenne from Agence Tatiana Love

Francesca from from PEMA


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