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Ghana Look Books 

FUSE ODG is at it again with another pro black/Afican statement. Not that it hasn’t been done before, but he is here to make a point and that is dark skinned girls rock. Not long again models in Accra were swarmed with a casting call for Dark skinned models, only to find out it was a video call for FUSE ODG for his new song ‘New African Girl’ featuring Kidi and Kwame Eugene.

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It wasn’t long ago (5 years) FashionGHANA went viral for breaking the story that Akon rejected dark skinned models from his video clip after having direct contact to models that were rejected. There was a big blacklash following it, so big that even TMZ confronted him about it. Is this the reverse or is it okay when light skinned girls are rejected?

Nevertheless, he song is yet to be released with its video but we have a handful of some fabulous printastic behind the scenes images with styling by Fashion Pilot. See it below.


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