See Ghana’s Top 21 Fashion Brands: Abrantie Is Number 2, See Who #1 Is

by maame
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Here are a list of the top 20 Ghanaian fashion labels that most Ghanaian would recognize if you were to have their clothes wrapped around yourself. We originally intended to bring you a list of the top 10 Ghanaian fashion brands, but there were was so much talent it wouldn’t be fair to make such a list and leave out certain names unknown to our readers so we went for top 20.

Any regular reader of our blog would know we have stated many times that despite African fashion being an international success, African brands are still yet to really cross national borders with strong branding. So this list is to support encourage and expose to the world Ghanaian designers who are making these bold steps, and you can further

Before continuing, here are some things to consider about the list. It doesn’t include designers who have recently quit designing or passed away. It focuses on Ghanaian based brands, meaning brand owner and staff are actively in Ghana production wise, whether the designer is of any foreign decent. The list also is not based upon success, sales, talent or quality of clothes nor released look books (although all are very talented and fairly successful that might be a different arrangement), This list is based strictly upon on those that have done extremely well with popularizing their designer names and labels across the Ghanaian society and beyond and established a brand that ring bells to people’s ears.[/tps_header]

So with no further delay let’s expose to the world, the top 21 fashion brands from Ghana known to the world via various promotional activities.


Nuna Couture which is currently known for it’s infamous poncho has actually been in works for quiet a while. The designer has basically been in the world in the Ghana circuit with great designs and made an interesting impact this year with his Bold Pastels collection. There could be more work done on the designers part as far as branding goes. However his consistency is what makes the brand fairly knowin in Ghana.


Click right to see #20

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