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Many, like us, were left wondering why Naomi spent so many days in South Africa and was not seen at neither one of the fashion weeks that recently occurred during her stay in SA.

On her arrival SA Fashion Week was just executed in grand style but the legendary celebrity was no where to be seen on the front row, instead she was putting her time to great use spending it with beautiful children of South Africa in various schools as we covered.

We then later discovered her presence in South Africa was for the conde nast luxury conference of which she attended in a Marianne Fassler dress. Conde Nast being somewhat partners to AFI Fashion Week left us assuming she would be there in attendance, but this was not the reality, again she was no where to be seen.

The esteems legendary fashion icon later and recently took to the internet to thank this day magazine for featuring her on their front cover, all whilst announcing she can’t wait to get to Arise Fashion Week as seen below.

The Arise Fashion Week is slated to take place from 19th-22nd of April 2019. What is unknown if she will be attending as a guest or as a super model on the runway as she did last year.

Naomi Spotted walking at Arise Fashion Week 2018

Last year the super model did more than attend the Arise Fashion Week as part of it’s big come back, she also strutted her legs across the runway of the show giving credence to many Nigerian fashion brands. So the question is what was it that prevented Naomi Campbell from engaging in any way with the fashion weeks in South Africa during her stay. Could this solidify Nigeria’s status of fashion in Africa or is it simply personal preference, or business? Anyways, we look forward to Naomi do her thing in Africa. #NaomiAfrica


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