And the queen takes the center stage again not only as a singer, but as a style Goddess. If you missed Efya’s #GirlTalk2016 concert then you missed a fab women’s only show that put entertainment at the forefront of Ghana.

But let’s get to the style and the great work Kel Vincent pulled off! Last year, around this time, we wrote an article ‘3 Stylists In Ghana Making An Impact In The Fashion World; A New Era Of Styling In Ghana‘ which detailed how stylists were missing from the Ghana fashion scene and there needs to be more effort to get them to the forefront. Today one of the stylists mentions headlines the fashion behind one of Ghana’s biggest concerts.


Efya rocked her concert in 4 fabulous looks using an eclectic range of Ghanaian designers you should know about, see the images below and the designers behind them courtesy of Kel Vincent.

4. Dress By House Of Poan

3. Detachable Gown/Corset by Sima Brew

2. Fringe Dress by Centric Styles

1. Wrapped Skirt Jumpsuit

Pics By Swag Of Africa & ZionFlex

Ghana Celebrity Watch


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