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Marvel’s creative artist have nothing on warrior-ism when it comes to African female traditional costumes at pageants. With only a handful of African candidates making it into the finals, the traditional customes are the moment when you can tell who is ready to do their country proud.

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Although Miss Universe is not as hype as it was some decades ago, it stil manages to capture international interests around the world. And with that said, We bring you our best African looks at the just ended traditional costume section of Miss Universe.

8. Egypt: Best African Traditional Costumes

Nariman Khaled, Miss Egypt 2018 walks on stage during the 2018 Miss Universe national costume presentation in Chonburi province on December 10, 2018. (Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP)

Egyptian culture is so rich with history and beauty, this was okay but didn’t live up to the potential.

7. Nigeria: Best African Traditional Costumes

Please Nigeria? How is this a traditional costume?

6. Angola: Best African Traditional Costumes

Thank you for coming, the exit is to your right on your way out.

5. Namibia: Best African Traditional Costumes

As we have no clue as to Namibian culture and how this relates we reserve our comments.

4. South Africa: Best African Traditional Costumes

The missing Marvel character that will undo Thanos’s destruction, straight from South Africa.

3. Kenya: Best African Traditional Costumes

This would have been our best if they had just done something a little bit more than beaded work. Love it, but it needed more to really stand out.

2. Zambia: Best African Traditional Costumes

Only becuase the queen really knows how to smile, and also the big shield. Those two give her all our points.

1. Ghana: Best African Traditional Costumes

Not because we are FashionGHANA, no really! This just seemed to be more relative, more relavant, and beautifully put together.

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