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On the eve of 31st March 2019, there was not one fashion show that best fit the settings for Accra Fashion Week Chilly Rainy 2019 than Afre Anko. Her choice of prints for her Chilly Rainy collection. The Ghanaian fashion brand Afre Anko by Naa is a very well tailored and professional brand specializing in all types of clothes.

The brand has various lines, two very well known are Miss Afre Anko and Urban Afre Anko. Do not confuse her clothes with simply tailored print skirts and top, Afre Anko is known for making suit dresses and much more, the simplicity may be in the look but a well catered design for the mature fashionista that loves print without splashing the noise all over.

View the fabulous Chilly Rainy 2019 collection by the well known Ghanaian brand that got her a standing ovation.


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